Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Hit High Notes When Singing

Learn some great tips to think about the next time you have to hit a high note when you are singing in this free video clip on vocal lessons and musical instruments.

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[Bass Lesson] Jaco Pastorius – Modern Electric Bass – 4

часть4 Duration : 0:6:26 Technorati Tags: bass, electric, funk, Jaco, jazz, lesson, Modern, pastorius, Report, Weather

Adult Piano Lessons, How To Dress Up Melody Of Greensleeves

From http://www.yokewong.net. This piano lesson demonstrate tremolo effect and left hand arrangement technique to dress up Greensleeves. Sign up for our piano lesson at http://www.yokewong.net. Duration : 0:3:37 Technorati Tags: adult, dress, dvds, lesson, lessons, melody, paino, Piano, pianomother, playing, up, video, wong, yoke

Albert Collins -lesson Blues Guitar

Albert Collins Shows you how!! Duration : 0:5:38 Technorati Tags: Albert, blues, Collins, guitar, lessons

Voice Lesson: “Riffs, Runs, & Control – Part 3”

Buy Eric’s Video Lessons http://sitekreator.com/TheApproach%20/the_arceneaux_approach_20.html This video is for those who are either at an advanced skill level or have practiced video number two in this series a few times. Duration : 0:7:41 Technorati Tags: Arceneaux, burrell, Control, Eric, exercise, high, kim, lesson, mix, notes, riffs, runs, training, Vocal, voice

Drum Lesson “Sweeting Out A Beat 2”

This is the second “Sweeting Out A Beat” teaching. Watching the first one first will help you understand this one better. Learn a great technique to make old beats fresh! Get the beat sheet here: http://onlinedrummer.com/beat_sheets/sweeting_out_a_beat2.pdf Duration : 0:4:56 Technorati Tags: beats, drum, drummer, drumming, education, learn, lesson, lessons

Mark James Bass Lesson #1 Part 2

Mark James, bassist of Breaking Benjamin gives ShallowBay.com the second part of his first bass lesson! Duration : 0:7:49 Technorati Tags: 2, bass, Bay, BB, Benjamin, Breaking, Klepaski, lesson, Mark, part, riffs, Shallow, techniques, Warwick, www.shallowbay.com

Get Piano Lesson 7 (Part Two) 1st Two-Hand Piano Exercises

Okay, now that you’ve watched me play a few examples of two-handed piano playing, it’s time for you to join me on the keyboard and play your first piano ignment with both hands! And I really hope you’ve been practicing your numbered fingering exercises during our fist six lessons, because now all that hard work … Continue reading

Guitar Lessons: Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana

at the last part the video cuts out cuz its 10 mins long so just do that last chord 2 times to the timeing of the real song. my first lesson video so dont judge too hard. it was fun.. i stuttered alot and said “and it goes” alot too lol but other than that … Continue reading

I'm teaching piano lessons, what should the first lesson consist of?

My student is 18 but has no piano experience. He has some musical background so he knows what the notes are on the staff but, obviously, doesn't know how to transfer that to the keys. What should I do? I have an idea and plan but I'd love to get your advice. Hey there, I … Continue reading