What is the going rate for voice lessons?

I need someone to teach me some of the basics, even an evaluation would be good. If I am beyond hope, than I can persue other activities. I just need to know the approximate cost before I go contacting potential teachers.

Really depends on your area of the country (big city, small town?), the quality of teacher you are looking for (college professor? someone with a music degree that teaches on the side? high school choir director?) and what exactly you are looking for.

Where I live, the going rate for private lessons is anywhere from $16.50-$25.00 an hour. Teachers with higher credentials can charge more….Often times, a music store will offer a free 'trial lesson' which could include an evaluation, if it seems probable that you might take lessons regularly in the future.

If it were me, I would do one of a few things:

1. Contact the vocal music teacher at your local high school or middle school to see if they teach privately on the side

2. Contact your local music store to see if they have or can recommend a qualified vocal instructor

3. Contact your local community collge or university's music department

I probably wouldn't pay more than $25.00 or so for a 30 minute consultation.